The art location for your events

A few yards from the Duomo (Cathedral) in the center of Verona, the fifteenth century Palazzo Paletta Dai Prè is the ideal location for your business events.

The main floor occupies over 5000 square feet with frescos by the most important Veronese artists of the eighteenth century and an impressive lounge of nearly 1000 square feet which can cater for 80 guests for a gala dinner, 100 for cocktails or 90 seated for a conference or seminar.

Whether you are organizing a banquet or fashion show, a conference or business meeting, a wedding with 150 guests or a cocktail party for 250, Palazzo Paletta Dai Prè is the ideal location.

Conferences , receptions and private events

A conference beneath the masterpiece of Giambettino Cignatori depicting Venus and Juno, surrounded by mythological scenes painted by Pietro Rotari and Carlo Salis, Verona’s most important artists of the eighteenth century?

A conference to which participants are greeted by the impressive statue of Apollo?

A wedding reception in a building that has the refinery of an art gallery, close to the most beautiful streets in the historic city center?

These are just some of the advantages of the fifteenth century Palazzo Paletta Dai Prè, in via Arcidiacono Pacifico, impressively renovated from 2007 to 2012 and today ready to open its doors onto its magnificent interiors for your private events.

...and that’s not all!

Not only gala evenings, presentations, weddings, birthday parties or fashion shows: the main floor of this prestige, aristocratic dwelling is also perfect for conferences, seminars, advisory boards and team building.

On request, organizational support for your event, with a guarantee of creativity and professionalism.

Salone delle feste 92mq 12 x 7 x 9h
Sala delle Armature 46mq 7,50 x 6 x 5h
Sala Oro 32mq 6,50 x 5 x 5h
Sala del Pecchio 20mq 4,50 x 4 x 4h
Sala Felice dei fiori 51mq 8,40 x 6 x 4h


Salone delle Feste (1000 sq. ft.)

80 places
35 places
90 places
120 places

In the main hall, two large wall paintings depict "The Sacrifice of Iphigenia" by PIETRO ROTARI and "Achilles dragging Hector's body" by CARLO SALIS, framed by painted architectural squares.

In the hall, the painted architecture includes a series of monochrome works depicting scenes from the Iliad and the Aeneid, by GIORGIO ANSELMI.

The ceiling of the hall is nine meters high and was painted by Anselmi in fresco, depicting the "Triumph of Juno and Athena".

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The Armor Room (450 sq. ft.)

40 places
18 places
36 places
60 places

In the Armor Room, the wall is decorated with tempera in trompe l' oeil from the first half of the nineteenth century.

The frescoed oval ceiling, by ANSELMI, depicts " Time and Vanity “.

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The Gold Room (320 sq. ft.)

24 places
14 places
24 places
30 places

The ceiling is decorated in a beautiful gold color.

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Sala del Pecchio (200 sq. ft.)

12 places
8 places
14 places
20 places

During the renovation a ceiling fresco was discovered attributed to Domenico Pecchio and to Zelotti.

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Sala Felice dei Fiori (500 sq. ft.)

45 places
24 places
40 places
70 places

In this room, the oil painting on the ceiling depicting the allegory of Fortune or Spring dates back to the seventeenth century .

On the walls, the 8 still lifes on canvas – placed within late eighteenth century plaster - are a rare and perhaps unique feature of Veronese art, perhaps painted by Felice di Biagi aka Felice dei Fiori, active in Verona at the time and head of the genre specialists at the beginning of the eighteenth century, with numerous followers and imitators .


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